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Best Hair Dryers 2018

Best Hair Dryer Review


Best Hair Dryer
Most women cannot leave the house without making sure that their hair is looking at its best. This is true to the assertion that the hair is the crowning glory, and hence, it should be as beautiful as possible. To be able to achieve such goal, you will need to have one of the top rated hair dryers currently available within the marketplace. 

Choosing the most ideal brand and model of hair dryer will not be an easy task. More often than not, there will be a need to spend some time in the evaluation of the possible choices, including their different features. By doing so, you will have more knowledge on how one is different from the other. 

In the rest of this article, some of the best choices within the product category will be identified. This will make it possible for you to arrive at a decision that you will surely not regret making. 


Ceramic Hair Dryers


Ceramic Hair Dryers

For the ceramic hair dryers, one of the best options would be Remington D3710. One thing that makes this a good choice is its dual fan design, which means that maximum air is produced to finish hair drying in the quickest time possible. 

You might be also interested in checking out the Andis RC-2. It is made of ions that are capable of reducing the frizz in hair while providing a conditioning effect to make it more beautiful.  With the use of such, revitalization and rejuvenation of hair will be possible, without the need to spend big on the salon. 

The Rusk Speed Freak will also be a good choice. Among others, one of the things that set it apart from competition is the fact that it is shockproof, which contributes to its durability. This unit is designed with 7 different speed and heat settings, offering users with the flexibility to choose. 

Tourmaline Hair Dryers

The tourmaline hair dryer is chosen by many buyers because of its professional quality. It has a unique mechanism for drying of hair and production of air, making it possible for such to nourish the hair, just like what will be experienced in the spa.

One good model that can be taken into account is Hot Tools 1043, which has 1875 watts of power. This will allow the hair to be dried quickly, while at the same time, leaving such shiny and healthy. If you want to use the dryer to make your hair straight, it also comes with a straightening pik. 

Another popular choice in the market is the Andis 82075. One of the defining features of this model is the nano-silver technology, which makes use of real silver in the unit. This offers the benefit of making hair free from bacteria that can negatively affect its look and health.

Ionic Hair Dryers


Ionic Hair Dryers
When it comes to ionic hair dryers, one model that is often recommended is the NuMe Pro. With the incorporation of the ceramic ion technology, it makes sure that static is reduced and hair is made shinier. It also has temperature and speed control to follow the demands of its users. 

The X5 Superlite 1875-wattionic hair dryer is another option that should not be missed. In several reviews about the product, many have liked the fact that it operates in a manner that is very quiet. It is also very light, which means that it will not cause discomfort even if you are drying your hair for a long time.

The Cricket Q Zone pink hair dryer will also be a good choice, especially with its very chic look. It is also very light and offers users with 2 options when it comes to speed. This model, as shown by its color, is also a show of support on the advocacy for breast cancer. 

Titanium Hair Dryers

Titanium Hair Dryers
One of the best titanium hair dryers that you can find in the market is the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Portofino. The Nano-titanium technology that is used in this product promises drying functionality that can be achieved quickly. It is powered by an Italian-made motor that is excellent when it comes to durability. 

The Revlon IV544 is another option that can be taken into account. For many people, one thing that is praised about this model is its powerful motor, which is 1875 watts. Nonetheless, in spite of being known for being powerful, it is also very light. 

Lastly, you can also take a look at the Brazilian Heat BBH3202. Regardless of any type of hair, even if it is treated by keratin, this product will be safe to use and can guarantee the same shiny result. It has 1900 watts of motor and rubberized side, making it possible to have a stronger grip of the unit when it is used. 

Porcelain Hair Dryers

Porcelain Hair Dryers

If you are looking for the best porcelain hair dryer, one that you can check is the BaByliss Pro BAB2800. It comes with 2000 watts of power and six variable settings. It is also designed with an ergonomic handle that can provide the highest level of comfort to its users.

The Farouk IT0007 is another model that can be included in your list of choices. The unique design of this handle makes it easy to hold. With high levels of heat and pressure, it has the ability to significantly cut your hair drying time. 

The model from Jilbere is also commended in many reviews in this product category. The 1875-watt motor of this hair dryer functions without making loud and annoying noise, compared to conventional dryers. The motor is also long-lasting, giving the assurance that the unit is durable as well. 

Professional Hair Dryers

Professional Hair Dryers
The Solano 3700MODA is one of the common options for people looking for a professional hair dryer. It has a compact size, which makes it easy to control.  Even for people who have thick and curly hair, drying is never a problem when this specific model is used. 

Another god choice in this product category is the T3 83808. This unit is designed with a filter screen, which is helpful in keeping the hair healthy while it also kept shiny. The unique drying mechanism of this product makes it possible for the cuticles to close, and hence, provides more protection for the hair. 

Lastly, you can also consider choosing the Valera Superstar SN9200T. This is best for people with colored hair. It has an innovative feature that makes it possible to keep the color locked to the hair and to prevent such from fading over time.