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Best BaByliss Hair Dryers 2018

BaByliss Hair Dryer Reviews

Best BaByliss Hair Dryers
It is a popular belief that the hair is our crowning glory. In this case, I believe that when we go out, we should always make our hair look at its best, especially when we are going to a special occasion. A beautifully-styled hair can increase our confidence and can radiate our personality.

One of the essentials in hair styling would be a dryer. In choosing the best within this product category, there are different factors that should be taken into account. For instance, you need to consider the materials, design, features and safety, among others.

In the rest of this article, you will be provided with insights on the best BaByliss hair dryers that are available in the market. The latter is a brand that has gained popularity because of their high quality products, which has brought satisfaction to many of its users. I have personally witnessed how their hair dryers are able to deliver better drying and styling performance than others that are available in the market.

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Dryers

BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Dryers
Porcelain ceramic is one of the materials used in hair dryers. This is beneficial because of the generation of far-infrared heat that causes less damage to the hair, compared to those made from other materials. It also decreases the time needed for drying because of having excellent capability for the distribution of heat.

One of the best options within this group is the BaByliss Pro Ceramic Xtreme. It has 2,000 watts of power, which allows the unit to deliver extreme drying performance. It has two different temperatures, allowing you to choose hat is preferred. It has a bright red color, which makes it look attractive.

Another model from BaByliss Pro that I can recommend is BABP2800. One of the things that I like about this model is its ergonomic design. Because of this, you will surely feel comfortable, even if you are blow drying for a long time. It offers a variety of choices as well, since it has 6 different heat settings.
BaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme DryerBaBylissPRO Ceramix Xtreme DryerCHECK PRICE

BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Hair Dryers

BaByliss Pro Tourmaline Hair Dryers
I am personally recommending tourmaline hair dryers if you are looking for something that can dry hair fast, and at the same time, able to provide a glossy shine, which can make the hair look even better.  This is because of the presence of negative ions that allow the cuticle of the hair to close, and hence, resulting into natural-looking shine.

The BaByliss Pro BABTTW5586 can be considered as one of the best choices if you are looking for tourmaline hair dryers. If you are going to style your hair for a long time, you will not feel discomfort because the unit is very light. Nonetheless, while it is lightweight, it has a powerful 1,900-watt motor to deliver superior performance.

More so, you might also want to include the BaByliss Pro 3000 hair dryer. I personally suggest this model for people with thick hair. In some models, you need to spend time and effort in drying and styling thick hair. Such will not be the problem if you have chosen this model.

BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium Dryers

BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dryer
The Portofino dryer is one of the best models when looking for nano titanium dryers from BaByliss. One of their dryers eve have a leopard print. In terms of functionality, it has powerful AC motor that leads into the reduction of drying time while making sure that the results will last longer.

Another model that I can personally recommend as well is the Volare V1 dryer, which is embedded with the excellence of Ferrari to make sure of its powerful motor. I like the fact that it is able to deliver optimal airflow, while being able to reduce weight, vibration, and noise.

Lastly, the BaByliss BABNT5550 can also prove to be an option that you will not regret. I am specifically recommending this model to people who travel a lot because of the fact that it has a compact size, making it easy to snap on the bag and bring it anywhere.

BaByliss Pro Professional Hair Dryers

BaByliss Pro Professional Hair Dryers
Even at home, it will be possible for you to get beautiful hair, without requiring the services of salon professionals even on your own, as long as you have one of the professional dryers from BaByliss Pro, you will not need to struggle to dry and style your hair.

The BABFV1 professional dryer is one of the choices that will surely not regret into frustration. One thing that I like about this model is the Ferrari-designed engine, which delivers more than enough power to dry the hair in no time.

Another option that you can consider is the BABFRV2, which also has a Ferrari-designed engine. It has six variable controls for heat and speed, making it useful for a wide array of applications. It also has Turbo Shot Instant Boost for quick drying function.

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryers

BaByliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer
One of the best things about using hair dryer made from ceramic is the fact that it is able to generate a kind of heat that dries without causing hair damage. Additionally, such material is also worth commending because of its ability to retain the luster and volume of the hair.

The different models of the Ceramix Xtreme dryers from this manufacturer can prove to be good because of its 2,000 watts of power, which will reduce the time you need to wait before your hair is dried. While drying the hair quickly, it is also able to provide the highest level of protection for the hair.

Some of the best models from this brand include the BAB2000, BABPK2000, and BABR5572. Regardless of the model that will be chosen, the manufacturer provides you with the guarantee that it will be effective in its functioning and that it will provide the best value for your money.

BaByliss Pro Travel Hair Dryers

BaByliss Pro Travel Hair Dryers For people who are always travelling, such as for those who are always on a business trip, BaByliss Pro offers a selection of dryers that are known for their compact size. Because of such, you do not need too much space in your travel bag t bring the dryer along.

One of the choices that can be taken into account is the BaByliss Pro Porcelain Ceramic Compact Dryer. This dryer is color pink which makes t perfect for young women who love such color. It has 1,000 watts of power, which is sufficient enough to dry hair quickly.

The BaByliss Pro BABNT053T is another model that I can personally recommend. One of the things that I like the most about this product is its dual voltage, which makes it perfect for international travel. It also has foldable handle and is lightweight, making it very ideal when travelling.